October 3, 2009

Road Rage (10-03-09)

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Transformer of the Day for October 3, 2009


-Faction: Autobot
-Era: Diaclone Years (1982-1984)
-Function: Ground / Air Combat
-Motto: “Driving is Murder”
-Notable Toy: eHobby Exclusive (Takara, 2002)

Notes: The Autobots may not have many natural flyers but they certainly seem to enjoy modifications to their land forms for flight purposes. In this Road Rage joins Tracks, of whom she’s a repaint, and Overdrive, as almost triple-changing transformers, and almost getting us into S.H.I.E.L.D. territory. And given that Hasbro still has the license for Marvel, maybe there’s a natural link. Road Rage as Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now there’s a thought!

August 13, 2009

Clamp Down (08-13-09)

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Transformer of the Day for August 11, 2009


-Faction: Autobot
-Era: D
iaclone Years (1982-1984)
-Function: Police Officer
“Crime Is a Distraction from Liberty
-Notable Toy: eHobby Exclusive (Takara, 2003)

Notes: One of the many diaclone recolours available before Transformers, Clamp Down’s paint scheme influenced the release of Red Alert. In 2003, he was finally released in an Autobot version more closely in synch with the original diaclone through eHobby.

July 21, 2009

Howlback (07-21-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 21, 2009


-Faction: Decepticon
-Era: Diaclone Years (1982-1984)
-Function: Enforcer

-Motto: Dissent will be Supressed”
-Notable Toy: eHobby Exclusive (Takara, 2005)

Notes: Packaged with Garboil, a blue repaint of Laserbeak, Howlback is a blue repaint of Ravage, reminiscent of early Diaclone colours. A female panther this time around, Howlback is unfortunately so close to Ravage in colour that it’s hard to tell them apart. Nevertheless, it’s still good to have a few more clever cats on your team.

April 25, 2009

Powered Convoy / Powered Commander (04-25-09)

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Transformer of the Day for April 25, 2009


-Faction: Autobot
-Era: Diaclone Years (1982-1984)
-Function: City Commander*
-Motto: “I Can Deal with That Now”
-Notable Toy: Diaclone (Takara, 1983)

Notes: Although he shares a body with Ultra Magnus, Powered Convoy predates the Transformers. Using the Convoy cab and a convertable trailer, Powered Convoy came with features left out or unexploited in the Ultra Magnus version. There was the chest shield that doubled as a jet for the diaclone figures that came with the line. There was also the little accessory car that came with Powered Convoy that was removed from the Ultra Magnus release. And, if you were particularly good, you got the mother of all box sets - Powered Convoy with a black Sideswipe and a Red Mirage. A holy grail indeed.

It is noteworthy to go with Powered Convoy today because, for only the second time since his first appearance (the limited eHobby reissue of 2001), Powered Convoy is being brought forward through the efforts of the TFCon organizers and FansProject, who secretly debut the figure at TFCon 2008. Certainly, it was the first reason I opted to attend this year’s show, although Dan “Bumblebee” Gilvezan’s appearance certainly was icing on the double chocolate cake.

In the meantime, enjoy this deluxe Transformer of the Day spotlighting the return of the king.

(Apologies and thanks to fredsworkshop for the rare cell image of a deleted Transformers: The Movie sequence featuring Ultra Magnus in Powered Convoy colours. Truly a rare and treasured find.)

The 2001 eHobby Reissue

The 2001 eHobby Reissue

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