January 10, 2010

TFwiki: A prelude to new collectibles

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I’ve spent a good chunk of Saturday using my new scanner to put together future entries in the Collectible of the Week franchise. Since a future entry is going to discuss books, I scanned select pieces of artwork for the future entry. In the meantime I was checking out tfwiki.net and discovered no mention of the Ultra Magnus radio. Which lead me to create my new account (fairplaythings). Which lead to a newly created article on the Pulsating Light AM Radio, my debut piece, as well as a stub entry on its manufacturer, Nasta.

Now that I have it, you see, I am much less worried about letting others learn of its existence.

Given that book scanning was already underway, I took the liberty to upload some other pictures as well, notably the Reader’s Digest Children’s Book’s line of Armada Books that are in my collection. Since I only have The Battle Begins and Race For The Mini-con Robots, I was really only able to make a contribution to those entries (which to this point had been left blank). However, I did post a stub entry for both the Secret of the Star Saber and The Autobots Strike Back.

However, it was the next two entries of which I am most proud so far. I added some material to the Panini Sticker Album (including interior artwork and a detailed listing of contents) and created an entry for Sarah Sanders, a scientist who appears in the Find Your Fate Junior books of which I am quite fond, and the scans of which started this whole exercise.

I was pleased to discover that Ms. Sanders was also the originator of all things Transformers slash. Not bad for my first day.

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