November 28, 2008

Having one too many ideas in the land of lost time

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So you would think that the last month would be full munnyload, and a good part of the month has been, although admittedly a lot of munnies started and not as many finished.

But then this other idea popped in my head - wouldn’t my nephew love a Transformers advent calendar.

Now I’m not talking a “High School Musical”-style advent calendar, with bits of chocolate for $1.49, if such a thing could be found in the orgy that is Transformers-related merch. No, I mean a full-on, overload kind of thing. You know, one that comes with TOYS.

But what toys? They have to be small enough to be able to be made into a calendar, and they have to be inexpensive enough to be affordable. So after mulling over possibilities - knock-offs, Legends, Robot Heroes - I hit upon the new 12-pack of mini-cons (at $24.95 at Zellers). Granted it only leaves me with half of the boxes filled (with the rest to be covered by Halloween premium chocolate bars). And, really, what kid is going to complain when 12 toys are better than chocolate bits anyday.

So everything went into a bag and waited for time.

Last night, or rather Thursday morning at 1:00 a.m., using the ironing board set up in the kitchen as a desk, I decided it was the last chance to get things done before the postal window to back home (2-4 days) expired. Really, it had already expired but this was the last point before things got silly.

First I needed an overall storage unit. Thankfully, Loblaw’s No Name Cheese pizza boxes were lingering in the recycling and were easy to open up and cut doors into. Then, using leftover poster board from the Hawk project (see Halloween 2008), I created a 5 X 5 grid about five centimetres squared by intersecting eight strips of poster board into place, which was glued to the back of the pizza box. The sides and top (now featuring ventilation) were then wrapped around the grid and everything glued in place with a glue gun. Then I simply stuck the minicons into place, adjusted the few squares where size was an issue (Brimstone, I’m looking at you…) and voila!

I have a crappy looking pizza box filled with chocolate and mini-cons. While cool for figures, it’s doesn’t really sing. So I sealed it up and, over my lunch hour today at work, I worked through the web to find a varety of Transformer emblems that could cover the pizza-doors.

The end result still looks amateurish, admittedly, but at least it has colour and the date numbers. Also it meant I was able to personalize things a bit and expose the little guy to some pretty neat interpretations of faction logos - I particularly like the Decepticon logo in the middle of the top row. And of course any attempt to throw in G2 faction logos and the Go-Go-Gobots autobot is just joy.

Though I fear my sister-in-law will look at the Car Robot’s Decepticon logo and think I put it upside by accident.

Now this is where working in the same building and eating in the same food court for the past twelve years really pays off. What is the best and most economical way to send a pizza box-filled Advent Calendar in the mail? Well, in another pizza box of course. So I asked the local pizza fellow if he’d do me the favour of a box and he was happy to oblige.

Let it be said - my artery’s sacrifice has not been in vain.

November 26, 2008

Apologies to Nala

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Good Nala, kind Nala. He comes to my new toy blog, pops its sweet cherry with its very first independent comment.

And the blasted thing waits for me to accept that.

This has been fixed. Please post away. You know provided I have something interesting to say.

Like maybe how Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave makes Cybertron Soundwave look cool.

Earth 3 Magnus? Or just another Convoy? You decide!

That’s okay though because Robot Heroes Powered Convoy makes everything okay.

November 24, 2008

Welcome to the beginning of tomorrow

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Now let’s hope that tomorrow is interesting enough to keep around.

So I’m pseudo-severing my blog into a toy kingdom and other everyday babbles. This is the toy kingdom. Welcome.

Kirilaw and i were out today at the regular Ottawa Comic Book Show at Landsdown Park. While it is small compared to the fabled shows of cowtown, there are sometimes good figures to be had. Today at least the pickings were few but I did grab these two for a tener each.

First up, Inferno. Admitted, I don’t collect Six Sigma. I thought the line was a much improved changed of direction compared to previous efforts - GIJoe: Extreme, I’m looking at you - but the only times it really hummed to me was when it copied from the Real American Hero roster of characters. It’s no coincidence then that, of the five figures from this line in my collection (Grand Slam, Storm Shadow from his rumble in the jungle set, Firefly, Para-Duke and Inferno), three (GS, SS and Inferno) were picked up for their nostalgia value - Duke was a loose find and Firefly was just a cheap figure likely to face the repaint engine.

Anyway, Inferno popped up at the GIJoe Collector Club on sale a few months back and I almost sprung for him there. But he was gone by the time I got there. Anyway, today, when they said he was $10, I felt obliged. Not often that you get a nice looking fireman anyway.

On Paradrop Scarlett, the 25th Anniversary line is like crack to me. I may love Transformers now but my youth was spent ferrying a wooden box of GIJoes back and forth to the neighbours after school to play. And Scarlett just looks cool here. Probably overpaid a bit but why take the chance.

But it is a comic show so although there was some rooting through trades and back issues, I did find an impressive collection of Micronauts in the fifty cent bins. Now as Nala can appreciate, I’ve periodically tried to purge my not unconsequential comic collection. One of the first purges was what issues of the Micronauts I did have, picked up second hand at the convenient store near my grandparents’ house in Truro, prices marked out and selling at the temping price of half cover.

But with the munnies expanding into Microverse territory (leading to unsuccessful websearches for the visual cues I need), leading to a rediscovery of the line through innerspaceonline.com and recent talk about the line, I’ve come to regret this, particularly given the difficulty of finding them in back issue bins with price tags I’m prepared to accept.

50 cents I’m prepared to accept. So while they are scanned out there in cyberville, it made sense to welcome home the Microverse once more.

I mean 50 cents. I can’t colour copy the cover for 50 cents.

All in all, not a bad day at the comic show. And a fairly successful day of work home too. Kirilaw did some more webwork, including launched the blog and I’ve put up the first post. I finished the President munny and designed, painted and finished the modern-day Supermunny Blue, and am very close to finalizing the pieces for Munny Iron Fist. And in non-toy news, we had a leasurely shopping day that lead us to buy a lot of Christmas lights and even a few trips into antique stores, which led us to the finds to your right. Yes, geniune early 20th century cast-iron antiques. There were four of these steed at this particular shop, for $30 a pop. Kirilaw was equally impressed by them, and I insisted on a set of two. Apollo and Artemis now will reside to the left and right of the fireplace.

Who says you can’t have non-toy stuff around the house.

November 23, 2008

Hello world!

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Trypicon lives. Cybertron must… er… serve tea and crumpets.

This is where the Blog goes live. But I’ll bring in the history. Don’t fret.

November 16, 2008

The Munny Battles

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The Commercial-Free Ongoing History of New Munnies (most recent first):

  1. Commission #2: Acadia Axeman (axe sculpted)
  2. TF:A Bumblebee (head sketch)
  3. Mystery Project IV
  4. Christmas Commission #1
  5. Harley Quinn
  6. Wheeljack (pencil outline, shoulder cannon crafted)
  7. Superman Blue
  8. Crimson Guard (7″) (dyed body and head)
  9. Crimson Guard B (dyed body and head)
  10. Cliffjumper B (dyed body and head)
  11. Cliffjumper (dyed body and head)
  12. Baroness (7″) (dyed body and sprayed head)
  13. Bumblebee (dyed body and head)
  14. Undecided (Bumblebee? Prince Gavyn? - dyed body and head)
  15. Crimson Guard A (dyed body and head)
  16. Batwoman B (dyed body, sprayed head, painted boots)
  17. Batwoman A (dyed body, painted body detail, sprayed head)
  18. Huntress (Total Justice uniform) (dyed body, flesh painted head)
  19. Snake-Eyes II-B (dyed body and head)
  20. Snake-Eyes II-A (dyed body and head)
  21. The President
  22. AoA Sunfire (7″ glow-in-dark)
  23. Mr. Terrific (7″) (dyed head and arms)
  24. Vibe
  25. Angel - Blue Suit-B (body design and paint)
  26. Skeletor (head and body design)
  27. Hordak B (head design)
  28. Hordak A (head design)
  29. He-Man B (with sword and shield)
  30. He-Man A (with sword and shield)
  31. Blue Beetle: Ted Kord B (body/head design)
  32. Blue Beetle: Ted Kord A (body/head design)
  33. Liberty Bell B (body design)
  34. Liberty Bell A (body design)
  35. Red Son Superman
  36. Power Girl
  37. Non-Munny Mystery Project 1 (to add accessories and prep head)
  38. Micronaut Grey Baron (most detailing complete)
  39. Micronaut Gold Baron Karza B (sketch details on body)
  40. Micronaut Gold Baron Karza A (add black naval)
  41. Micronaut Acroyear B (head painted, arms dyed)
  42. Micronaut Baron Karza B
  43. Micronaut Acroyear
  44. Micronaut Force Commander
  45. Micronaut Marionette (finish hair)
  46. Micronaut Baron Karza A
  47. Death’s Head (head and pack pieces only)
  48. Sinestro: Sinestro Corps B (prime pink munny body)
  49. Sinestro: Sinestro Corps A
  50. Mazinger B (finish head ship)
  51. Machine Man
  52. Electro (correct glue splash on mask)
  53. Mazinger
  54. Klaw!
  55. Mystery Project III: BW Inferno
  56. Archangel (finalize wings)
  57. Spider Woman: Julia Carpenter (black costume)
  58. Spider Woman: Jessica Drew
  59. Iron Fist
  60. Captain Marvel
  61. X-Men Angel (red suit, feather wings)
  62. Mystery Project II: Hellboy
  63. X-Men Angel (blue suit, metal wings)
  64. Mystery Project: Spider-Girl
  65. Unicorn
  66. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (Jim Lee threads)
  67. Green Lantern Hal Jordan (current threads)
  68. Captain Britain (70s groove)
  69. Stargirl
  70. Captain Canuck
  71. TF:A Prowl
  72. BW Inferno (7″)
  73. BW Scorponok
  74. Tarantulas
  75. Terrorsaur
  76. BW Optimus Prime (7″)
  77. BW Blackarachnia
  78. BW Waspinator
  79. Tomaz (7″)
  80. Zamot (7″)
  81. Zartan (7″)
  82. Snake Eyes (7″)
  83. HISS Driver (7″)
  84. Rip It (7″)
  85. Cobra Soldier (7″)
  86. Cobra Officer (7″)
  87. BW Megatron (7″)
  88. Destro (7″)
  89. Cobra Commander (7″)
  90. Scarlett (7″)
  91. Mr. Terrific Michael Holmes (7″)
  92. Mr. Terrific Terry Sloane (7″)

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