December 31, 2008

Christmas workshop

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I finished Harley Quinn and most of the details on the Grey Baron over the holidays, as well as a fourth mystery munny. I’ve also finished the head of TF:A Bumblebee.

I hope to update the site this week over the holidays. In the meantime I invite your suggestions with respect to photobox acceptable lights. I want to make available the best pictures possible for you. And check out the new Micronaut section.

More work this weekend.

December 19, 2008

The Temptation of Nala

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Dear Nala,

At Botcon, you had commissioned an Inferno. Since them I have been slowly working to fulfull that request and tempt you with the results. That has been the purpose of mystery project #3.

Here are the results:

Take me home?

Take me home?

I hope you are still interested because this little guy (4″) is already to go for the low price of US$45. That includes two special surprises that aren’t shown but made special for you.

Let me know. :)

Cheers! from your friends at fairplaythings.com

December 13, 2008


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The last day of a hitherfore unknown Transformer sale at Toys ‘R Us, literally stumbled upon by chance when I was at St. Laurent Shopping Centre, netted me one TFA Grimlock and Snarl, plus Activators of Grimlock, Thundercracker and Megatron.

But leaving the store, I saw Toy Mountain, the annual gathering of packaged toys for disadvantaged kids.

I really struggled here. Here I am, with five brand new Transformers. Can I share a Dinobot with someone else. But I want them. But they will find love under a Christmas tree in the city. But I’ll show them love too. And on it went.

Finally, I sent Kirilaw on ahead to Dairy Queen, our intended next stop, so I could go back inside to buy another Transformer for toy mountain.

I settled on TFA Soundwave and Laserbeak. It gives me much joy to drop it into the tent for someone else on Christmas day.

December 8, 2008

City of Steel (Reissued)

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I am just back from the fair city of Toronto where I was on a business trip (rare thing that is for me). But no business can prevent the hunt for plastic and I had the occasion to check out the Toronto Silver Snail for new treasures, coming across a particular oddity in the process. In this case, a series of GIJoe figures produced (or at least packaged) in 2008.

But this line of figures does not use the 25th anniversary bodies or any semblance of the current cards. Or any other cards for that matter. No, this set of figures (with one notable exception) seems to consist entirely of leftover GIJoe figures that use the body construction used of the Valor vs. Venom line. The oddity of this line include (a) the tininess of the card (with the height literally the width of the current cards), (b) the collection of characters used (including Frostbite, Dusty, Sand Viper and Televiper - not really a pack of heavy hitters), and (c) the inclusion of absolutely no accessories whatsoever.

But I said it uses almost all Valor vs. Venom figures. However, one of the figures is not like the others. The figure in question is Beachhead, the 6-packed Night Force repaint of the original 1986 version of Beachhead. Why this particular figure and none of the other figures that set included, I don’t know. I originally thought it was because the U.S. flag on the left arm was a misprint (in black and white and applied backwards so that the stars are on the right side of the flag) until I noted that the original packaging of this figure was identical.

One truly odd line, particularly given that the price point (at CDN$7.99) was not much lower than the current and very impressive anniversary line (at CDN$9.99) at this location.

Could this be an attempt to do a pseudo Universe line? And are there more? Only time will tell. But if you know now, please let me know!

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