June 27, 2009

Megatron (06-27-09)

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Transformer of the Day for June 27, 2009


-Faction: Decepticon
-Era: Movie (2007, 2009)
-Function: Leader

-Motto: I Am Megatron”
-Notable Toy:Best-Buy Voyager Exclusive (Hasbro, 2007)

Notes: How can I not do a Bayformer for the release of Revenge of the Fallen? So here is that which is not your father’s Megatron. First, despite the hue and cry to the contrary, it’s Hugo Weaving and not the great Frank Welker voicing the villainous leader. Then there is the back story, of a severed alliance between Megatron and Optimus that led to the Great War. And, you know, there is no P-38 Walther revolver in sight. Instead, we have your choice of alien spaceship or alien tank-thing. But for my dollar, I’m going with the first screen-accurate paint application available that was exclusive to Best Buy of all places.

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  1. [...] the Fallen is certainly an interesting character, it is sooo disappointing that he turns the great Megatron into little more than a toady. Makes you wonder why he was such a bad villain in the first [...]

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