July 26, 2009

R.E.V. (07-26-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 26, 2009


-Faction: Autobot (Spy Changer)
-Era: Robots in Disguise / Car Robots (2000-2001)
-Function: Race Exertion Vehicle
-Motto: “Plan Well, Win Easy”
-Notable Toy: Spy Changer Giftset (Takara, 2001)

Notes: Now here’s a curious thing. While Hasbro certainly make frequent use of the Spy Changers as part of their Generation Two, Robots in Disguise and Universe lines, it seems it also made use of their paint applications as well. Case in point, Robots in Disguise R.E.V. (known as Eagle Killer in Japanese) uses artwork eerily similar to G2 Gearhead, while his companion W.A.R.S. (a redeco of the very same Gearhead) nonetheless updates the colour scheme of G2 Firecracker (see below).

(Apologies and thanks to plasticcrack.net and tfu.info for the toy pics.)

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