July 29, 2010

The Return of the King

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Longtime readers will know that I’ve been without Adobe Photoshop since I upgraded computers in November 2009. Thanks to sewingstars, I have been able to rectify this situation. And since I am the happy owner of a Bamboo pen, now I can hopefully begin to make some improved graphics to enhance the website.

Adobe is a program that, for me, means jumping right back in. And what better way than to put together a long-promised pictorial list of Transformers: Animated toys for my friends, Julie and Kellie. Yes, I appreciate that Jim and Bill did a great job of detailing these toys recently in the Allspark Almanac Part 2, but the vision of a list I had in my head had a different configuration, so I was obliged to continue.

While I could have easily created the following rendering in a nice blog post, I decided to recreate the pages individually in Photoshop and import them as a graphic, to better facilitate their use. But like so many things, once you start a project like this, it takes on a life of its own. What was simply going to be a series of cut pictures (the vast majority of which were borrowed from the incredibly awesome resource that is tfu.info) quickly grew into a more descriptive exercise, which necessitated a series of page breaks.

As a result, over the coming days, I will endeavour to finish up the various pieces of the puzzle for launch. Please feel free to let me know if you spot any issues that need to be addressed. The beauty of photoshop is that, because the original is layered, everything can be fixed.

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