February 12, 2011

Collectible (02-12-2011): Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime
Movie Edition - Nightwatch Version

February 12, 2011: 13th in a series
Toy Line: Transformers
Region, Year: North America, 2008
Essential Weblink: http://www.tfu.info/2008/Autobot/NightwatchOptimusPrime/optimusprime.htm

The Rundown: Another movie-former, Nightwatch Optimus Prime is a pretty good lesson in how not to collect toys. Not because he is a bad toy, but because of the experience in getting him.

First, he who waits takes his chances. Nightwatch Prime was released near the end of the first line of Movie toys. In fact, in Canada at least (which admittedly is not the best gauge for toy availability) he was kind of a “blink and you miss him” deal. Having been burned on a number of occasions for buying a figure one week, only to find that the cost was cut dramatically the next, I tend to hold off on more common figures to allow for sales to actually occur. The bigger the figure, the more likely this is to happen, particularly when a sale can take a leader class figure down from the CDN $60-$70 range to CDN $35-$40. So when I did see him, I took a pass waiting for a sale that never came. Finally, I broke down and grabbed him from one of the Comic Book Shoppes in the city.

Second, always check the box. So when I finally did grab Optimus, I did so with a gift certificate won at the 2009 Heroes and Villains masquerade. But I was so eager to finally bring this figure home (for some reason the blues and black just sing to me on this figure), I neglected to notice the box was damaged. Given I already had two versions of the same toy (the Costco regular edition Leader Prime with Legends Bumblebee and Jazz, and the Premium edition), I figured he was a Mint in Box item (something that tends to happen when I have multiples of the same figure when he is the same character). Doesn’t work so well when there is a big tear on the top flap.

Ironically I paid more for him (in a fashion) than the other two versions, for whom I waited on the sales. That’ll learn me to trust a black and blue truck.

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