February 18, 2011

Collectible (02-18-2011): Powerglide

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K-Mart Exclusive

February 18, 2011: 19th in a series
Toy Line: Transformers: Universe
Region, Year: North America, 2009
Essential Weblink: http://www.tfu.info/2009/Autobot/TFUPowerglide/powerglide.htm

The Rundown: Having talked about the mistakes made with Powerglide v2.0, let’s move right into Powerglide v2.1. Part of the K-Mart exclusive wave, this is Powerglide done right. In proper colours. It’s a no-brainer to add to one’s collection, particularly when you look at the price point at which it could sometimes be found (thanks Teresa!).

Interestingly enough, I also have Powerglide v2.2, the Takara-Tomy release. It’s a little more red and a little less grey. Honestly, I kind of like the K-Mart edition better, even if Takara-Tomy’s is a more accurate rendering. One of these days (and hopefully soon), I’ll pop one out of their package, and put the other one up for sale. Hopefully.

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