February 19, 2011

Collecting on the weekend

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You may be surprised to learn that, among many toy grievances for the Canadian collector (multilingual packaging, amateur packaging to accommodate multiple languages, pricing, variety, absence of U.S. exclusives among them), a big one is the simple delay in time between the release of a toy in the United States and its subsequent release in Canada.

Or maybe that is just Ottawa. Sometimes it is hard to tell if shipping to Toronto is better or more consistent.

Suffice to say, it can take a long time for those unwilling to import everything from bigbadtoystore to get the latest goods. I cannot imagine how bad it would be if there weren’t comic book stores like the Silver Snail that is really good about getting in some of my favourite toy lines, like DCUC (on U.S. cards to boot), on a regular basis.

Because they certainly haven’t been showing up at TRU in any regularity.

Anyway, back to my rolling beef about toy shelves. Because of the situation, it becomes impossible to review toys in any timely fashion. My god, poeghostal did a run through of DCUC Wave 16 back on December 4th; Siebertron.com similarly was posting sightings of the Turbo Tracks wave of Transformers: Reveal the Shield in late November.

So here we are in the middle of February. And finally some availability of product and the necessary funds to go forward. So rather than continue with the many Universe 2.0 stories planned for over the weekend, I’ve decided to try something different. Tomorrow (February 20) is going to be a massive review of all the toys picked up on Thursday from TRU and the Silver Snail, essentially DCUC Wave 16 and a number of Movie and Generations Transformers.

More importantly, I’m going to unveil my own rating system. That’s right, I’m going to make a system that tells you what I think of my toys! Does it mean a poor ranking will force the toy to live elsewhere? Probably not, so it makes sense for my personal rating system to reflect this reality. With no disrespect to our American cousins, I’m going to base my rating system on a reversed security threat assessment, in which even the green (or now red) means something.

Consider it an early warning system for your pocket book. Watch for it. Soon!

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