April 17, 2011

In Ottawa, no one can here you Mego-scream

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Local wildlife seems friendly enough…

In Ottawa, we have a sizeable portion of public land about two miles from Parliament Hill that we refer to as Landsdown Park, the former home to the Ottawa Senators and various Canadian Football League franchises. In significant need of renewable, it consists of a number of buildings, including the historic Aberdeen Pavillian, and is currently the home of a number of cool events like concerts (Alice Cooper and Anvil, May 16), Ontario Hockey League games, the Ottawa Exhibition, and various craft, wedding, sex, and home shows throughout the year.

It is also the home two or three times a year of a decent flea market-style event, the likes of which I’ve previously discussed. It is usually a decent place to find collectibles of the plastic variety - sometimes overpriced, sometimes really cheap, but always really interesting - and it has come to have a prominent place on my social calendar. Because while there are other flea markets around the city, this one is a non-permanent fixture (and therefore lacks the grimness and picked-overness that often accompany long-term flea market venues).

But never has it been the personal financial sinkhole and toy success that it was this weekend (a situation that is somewhat bittersweet knowing that the venue’s days for this kind of event are numbered now that it is in the thralls of of an Ottawa-based consortium determined to rule the world gleeful at shadily winning an unfair competition to develop the land for profit in a mostly-one sided contract.)

Mighty hunter can play too.

Mighty hunter can play too.

Back to the toys, the sale was something amazing. Not only was there a number of worthwhile buys from a number of the returning vendors (and some great prices in some cases), there was also one dealer in particular who came bearing a microverse of shogunian (apologies Steve) proportions. And the weekend didn’t just end there, but also spilled over into more general shopping for toys and clothes the likes of which I have never seen. It was a four figure weekend, and, man oh man, was it awesome!

It was too awesome to wrap up in a single day post.

Given that we here at fairplaythings have been neglectful of late of the Collectible of the Day, I’ve decided to turn the entire week into a discussion of just what I brought home in the preceding 36 hour period, roughly in order of the acquisitions:

  • Monday - the train that set a thousand toy dreams afire
  • Tuesday - yoJoe!
  • Wednesday - they came from inner space
  • Thursday - Tranzor Z!
  • Friday - return to Cyberville
  • Saturday - returning to the microverse

Where does that leave us for today? Well, one cannot spent the kind of coin I spent on clothing and not put it somewhere. So today is the day of furry animals and fabrics that in no way rhyme with Lester. Enjoy!

Channelling Tom Wolf

Channelling Tom Wolf

Available in a variety of wild.

Available in a variety of wild.Same shirt, different day.

Same shirt, different day.

Same shirt, different day.


  1. Anvil and Alice Cooper? omg, you have to go - do it for me! I’m loving the Isis approval of shopping. I bet she is wanting a few toys for herself, so pick her up something pretty. Is that a purple shirt I see in there?? :) Good haul my friend. I live vicariously through your shopping!

    Comment by Rachel — April 18, 2011 @ 1:09 am

  2. There are at least two purple shirts. There should have been more! And this is the one time in my life that I went shopping and spent more on clothes than toys…

    Comment by fairplaythings — April 18, 2011 @ 2:07 am

  3. [...] sweet talk the city of Ottawa just right). And I’ll be sad to see the end of what has been a consistently good source of finds over the past number of [...]

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