January 1, 2009


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Given my current fixation with Munnies and ongoing webwork (particularly with respect to the Beastformers), it seems to make sense to talk about issues of scale for the inaugural post of 2009.

Regular readers will recall the angst I had over the issue of scale for the eight Beasties that formed the Call of the Wild diarama. With only three scales of Munnies to work with (2′, 7″, and 4″) there is not a lot of flexibility in terms of getting proportions right. It was a no-brainer that Optimus had to match the long-finished Megatron. With respect to the rest of the cast, it was certainly helpful that the poll I took at the time verified my own thoughts on the matter.

That said, knowing that I hope to one day get the entire cast completed, I am going to hit scale issues with Optimal Optimus, TM2 Megatron and Tigerhawk, as I think they (particularly the Optimus) should be taller than the 7″ scale allows. Now kidrobot could certainly solve my dilemma (albeit expensively) with a 10″ version of my favourite vinyl figure. Otherwise, I may be forced to either extend the legs of the 7″ model at a minimum or find some way to make my own 10″ munny available for multiple castings.

The scale problem is even worse for Generation One.

There really are three basic scales for G1: Mini (Bumblebee, Rumble), Regular (Hound, Skywarp) and Leader (Optimus, Galvatron). Beyond the obvious logistical problem that the 7″ Munny towers over the 4″ Munny in a way that doesn’t make sense (really necessitating something in the middle at say 5-6″, saving the 7″ scale for the likes of Dinobots and Jetfire), and relying on a modified Dunny as a stand-in for the Mini scale, there are already a number of questions. Would Reflector be a small or a medium? (My thinking is a medium) Following the scale information in the Ark, would Trailbreaker, Ironhide, Ratchet and Shockwave be leader-size? Can I make an appropriate Munny version for Ravage? (I have ideas here at least.)

To add to the problem, there are the aforementioned Dinobots, but also the combiners to consider. The creation of a 5.5″ Munny and modified Dunny clears the way for the DInobots in the 7″ scale, but we’re back to a new scale of 10″ or 12″ for the likes of Devastator and Computron. And while the 2′ version is certainly ideal for Omega, Metroplex and Scorponok creative-wise, it’s a little difficult in terms of cash issues (as the figures are US$150 each).

Anyway, the issue is posing a challenge. Here’s hoping more scales of Munnies are coming.

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