February 18, 2009

Sometimes I’m a champ, sometimes I’m a chump

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While I like to think I’m a decent customizer, I have to admit that life is made easier with soft vinyl munnies. Painting hard plastic, particularly plastic that moves (as in the case of Kid Terrific, which I hope to unveil in the coming days) is really an art. Which makes me respect these artists over at Transformers Freestyle that much more:

Minerva - someone thought to put together a Minerva, with transforming head!, out of a TransScanning Bumblebee? Holy crap!

Primus - here is another great example of imagination. To combat the threat of the deluxe Unicron, someone opted to take Energon Hot Rodimus and turn him into Primus. Wow!

Decepticon Triple Changers - as soon as I saw the TF Clubs rework of Armada Jetstorm into Astrotrain, the idea of putting together a group of three Decepticon triple changes based around the various Unicron-saga Jetfires came into my head too, with Energon Jetfire as Blitzwing and Cybertron Jetfire as Octane. These guys actually did more than think it, they did it, even taking the concept back to Armada Jetstorm to remake him into a new Astrotrain too.  What I learn is that if I can think it, others can do it.

Autobot Triple Changers - and here is a case of symmetry of which I couldn’t conceive. Convert Tital Wave to Broadside; Energon Cliffjumper to Sandstorm? Nope, that didn’t cross my mind. And while Hasbro eventually made a run at Springer using Cybertron Evac, I think these guys may have come out on top with their version.

Pyro and Clench - these guys may have only seen action in Europe, but clearly they too can be part of the mythos again.

And the list keeps going. Star Sabre. B’Boom. Greatshot. Powered Convoy.

Hasbro! Hire these guys! now!

November 26, 2008

Apologies to Nala

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Good Nala, kind Nala. He comes to my new toy blog, pops its sweet cherry with its very first independent comment.

And the blasted thing waits for me to accept that.

This has been fixed. Please post away. You know provided I have something interesting to say.

Like maybe how Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave makes Cybertron Soundwave look cool.

Earth 3 Magnus? Or just another Convoy? You decide!

That’s okay though because Robot Heroes Powered Convoy makes everything okay.

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