December 8, 2008

City of Steel (Reissued)

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I am just back from the fair city of Toronto where I was on a business trip (rare thing that is for me). But no business can prevent the hunt for plastic and I had the occasion to check out the Toronto Silver Snail for new treasures, coming across a particular oddity in the process. In this case, a series of GIJoe figures produced (or at least packaged) in 2008.

But this line of figures does not use the 25th anniversary bodies or any semblance of the current cards. Or any other cards for that matter. No, this set of figures (with one notable exception) seems to consist entirely of leftover GIJoe figures that use the body construction used of the Valor vs. Venom line. The oddity of this line include (a) the tininess of the card (with the height literally the width of the current cards), (b) the collection of characters used (including Frostbite, Dusty, Sand Viper and Televiper - not really a pack of heavy hitters), and (c) the inclusion of absolutely no accessories whatsoever.

But I said it uses almost all Valor vs. Venom figures. However, one of the figures is not like the others. The figure in question is Beachhead, the 6-packed Night Force repaint of the original 1986 version of Beachhead. Why this particular figure and none of the other figures that set included, I don’t know. I originally thought it was because the U.S. flag on the left arm was a misprint (in black and white and applied backwards so that the stars are on the right side of the flag) until I noted that the original packaging of this figure was identical.

One truly odd line, particularly given that the price point (at CDN$7.99) was not much lower than the current and very impressive anniversary line (at CDN$9.99) at this location.

Could this be an attempt to do a pseudo Universe line? And are there more? Only time will tell. But if you know now, please let me know!

November 24, 2008

Welcome to the beginning of tomorrow

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Now let’s hope that tomorrow is interesting enough to keep around.

So I’m pseudo-severing my blog into a toy kingdom and other everyday babbles. This is the toy kingdom. Welcome.

Kirilaw and i were out today at the regular Ottawa Comic Book Show at Landsdown Park. While it is small compared to the fabled shows of cowtown, there are sometimes good figures to be had. Today at least the pickings were few but I did grab these two for a tener each.

First up, Inferno. Admitted, I don’t collect Six Sigma. I thought the line was a much improved changed of direction compared to previous efforts - GIJoe: Extreme, I’m looking at you - but the only times it really hummed to me was when it copied from the Real American Hero roster of characters. It’s no coincidence then that, of the five figures from this line in my collection (Grand Slam, Storm Shadow from his rumble in the jungle set, Firefly, Para-Duke and Inferno), three (GS, SS and Inferno) were picked up for their nostalgia value - Duke was a loose find and Firefly was just a cheap figure likely to face the repaint engine.

Anyway, Inferno popped up at the GIJoe Collector Club on sale a few months back and I almost sprung for him there. But he was gone by the time I got there. Anyway, today, when they said he was $10, I felt obliged. Not often that you get a nice looking fireman anyway.

On Paradrop Scarlett, the 25th Anniversary line is like crack to me. I may love Transformers now but my youth was spent ferrying a wooden box of GIJoes back and forth to the neighbours after school to play. And Scarlett just looks cool here. Probably overpaid a bit but why take the chance.

But it is a comic show so although there was some rooting through trades and back issues, I did find an impressive collection of Micronauts in the fifty cent bins. Now as Nala can appreciate, I’ve periodically tried to purge my not unconsequential comic collection. One of the first purges was what issues of the Micronauts I did have, picked up second hand at the convenient store near my grandparents’ house in Truro, prices marked out and selling at the temping price of half cover.

But with the munnies expanding into Microverse territory (leading to unsuccessful websearches for the visual cues I need), leading to a rediscovery of the line through innerspaceonline.com and recent talk about the line, I’ve come to regret this, particularly given the difficulty of finding them in back issue bins with price tags I’m prepared to accept.

50 cents I’m prepared to accept. So while they are scanned out there in cyberville, it made sense to welcome home the Microverse once more.

I mean 50 cents. I can’t colour copy the cover for 50 cents.

All in all, not a bad day at the comic show. And a fairly successful day of work home too. Kirilaw did some more webwork, including launched the blog and I’ve put up the first post. I finished the President munny and designed, painted and finished the modern-day Supermunny Blue, and am very close to finalizing the pieces for Munny Iron Fist. And in non-toy news, we had a leasurely shopping day that lead us to buy a lot of Christmas lights and even a few trips into antique stores, which led us to the finds to your right. Yes, geniune early 20th century cast-iron antiques. There were four of these steed at this particular shop, for $30 a pop. Kirilaw was equally impressed by them, and I insisted on a set of two. Apollo and Artemis now will reside to the left and right of the fireplace.

Who says you can’t have non-toy stuff around the house.

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