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Name: Tomax (Crimson Guard Commander)
Origin Date: 1985
Completed Date: 03/2007
Base Figure: 7" Standard Munny

With so many great Cobra personalities to choose from, I really want to try my hand at the twins. Tomax, along with his brother Xamot, represented an opportunity to try and avoid any variations between successive figures, whether accidentally or otherwise. The only difference could be the mirror imaging of the character, right down to the hair parting, and Xamot's scar, and so they were photographed as a pair.

Despite not having a regiment of Crimson Guardsmen to command, the twins were a great addition to  G.I.Joe Collection Wave One entry at CustomCon16. But it will probably be awhile before I go the Crimson Strike Team approach.

(And no, Xamot is not in fact taller than Tomax. Just a weird trick of positioning in the pictures.)

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