Snake-Eyes - front viewSnake-Eyes with swordSnake-Eyes - side viewSnake-Eyes - back viewSnake-Eyes - side viewSnake-Eyes - arm detailingSnake-Eyes and Cobra Commander - fight!

Name: Snake Eyes (Commando)
Origin Date: 1982
Completed Date: 07/2006
Base Figure: 7" Standard Black Munny

When the black munnies arrived on the market, it was the perfect form to make everyone's favourite silent commando. I based this munny on the second reiteration of Snake-Eyes, circa 1985. Given the greys, silvers and blacks that make up this version, I wanted to have some colour and the symbol of the Arashikage clan was the perfect route.

Scarlett and Snake-Eyes were obvious choices for the G.I.Joe Collection Wave One entry at CustomCon16. Unfortunately, kidrobot does not yet make four legged companions, so Timber will have to wait.

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