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Call of the Wild display


Name: Blackarachnia (Predacon Double Agent Scientist)
Origin Date: 1996
Completed Date: 03/2008
Base Figure: 4" Pink Munny

Blackarachnia was part of the eight-figure "Call of the Wild" diorama, awarded first prize at Botcon 2008.

One of the challenges you run into when going through a number of Munnies at any one time is getting a sufficient number of white Munnies. You see, 4" Munnies ship in boxes of 12 in a ratio of two white Munnies for each pink and baby blue. Since Munnies are not exactly carried by Zellers or Toys R' Us, the hobby and toy stores that do carry Munnies tend to carry only a few boxes at a time. And they tend to sell out faster of the white ones, necessitating some conservations when time is of the essence.

Since one of my tricks is to use base colours if possible to avoid paint chipping, I thought Blackarachnia would make a good candidate for one of the pink Munnies I had on hand, since she had no white on her and a lot of black. However, I neglected to consider the extensive gold. Gold, like yellow, can be a real pain to use to cover a surface, as the base colour tends to show through depending on the type of paint used. In this case, I used not very good acrylic and the result is that, over time, the pink is somewhat visible under her face. In future, I definitely would try and help this out by dyeing a white Munny yellow in advance.

Aside from the ill-conceived base figure, Blackarachnia had two other challenges. First, she has a chest, a feature that is someone difficult to replicate given the way in which a Munny is built. In this case, I used Crayola Model Magic to create the effect, even if it does look like she is wearing one of Madonna's early 90s bras. Second, we had the issue of the spider's legs. Like Tarantulas, the method used for Waspinator's insect legs would not work because the placement of four legs simply crowded out the space and proved ultimately too fragile. Without a better idea though, this is the approach I initially undertook. It was only when I got to Tarantulas that I had the idea to make use of the little plastic-coated wires we find in seemingly every Transformer package. The coating meant they had a little bit of size and could hold paint, and yet they didn't crowd each other out and could bend. Scraping off the old clay effects, I drilled four holes in each arm and Blackarachnia was show-ready.

Her Predacon allegience is clearly visible above her chest.

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