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Call of the Wild display

Name: Scorponok (Predacon Desert Attack Commander)
Origin Date: 1996
Completed Date: 04/2008
Base Figure: 4" Blue Munny

Scorponok was part of the eight-figure "Call of the Wild" diorama, awarded first prize at Botcon 2008.

As with Inferno, Scorponok was hard to conceptualize size-wise. With only three scales of Munnies to work with (2', 7", and 4") there is not a lot of flexibility in terms of getting proportions right. Given that Megatron was both already done in the 7" scale (the only scale available in 2006) and leader-class, it made sense to make Optimus Primal in scale with him. Once I decided that Waspinator and Blackarachnia would make use of the then-relatively new 4" scale, it was easy enough to imagine Terrorsaur and Tarantulas in that scale as well.

But Scorponok and Inferno took some reflection. The issue couldn't simply be settled by rewatching Season One, since their size was somewhat inconsistent on the television show. I can't say for sure what made the difference for Scorponok - whether it was my sense that he was the same scale as his small-scale Predacon brethren or the simple fact that the episode in question called for him to be carrying Megatron in the hunting throne with Tarantulas. Ultimately, with Tarantulas in the 4" scale, Scorponok could not help but be the same size.

Two other interesting points about Scorponok. Of course he had to have some kind of a stinger, and trying to figure out the best way to proceed on that front took some thought. In the end, a little clay and a piece of plastic (coloured red) solved that issue. The other matter was with his hands. Like Blackarachnia, I opted to reverse his arms so they are actually upside down. For Scorponok at least, this seems to best mimic his onscreen presence, while providing a nice bit of help in allowing him to appear walking forward and holding Megatron's throne in the front.

His Predacon allegience is not visible.

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