Shogun Warriors

Shogun Warriors: Bigger IS Better
Original Release: 1979-1980

With Kenner lighting fire to the toy industry with its Star Wars line, Mattel followed Mego to Japan to look for something, anything, to survive the onslaught. What they found was a variety of anime-style robots, plus Godzilla!, which they manufactured into a line of toys called Shogun Warriors.

Despite staying on shelves for only a short period of time, Shogun Warriors always punched above their weight. A combination of missile firing action and two foot tall robots saw to that. A short-lived comic book by Marvel Comics and a variety of toy advertisements in other four-colour classics ensured that kids knew of the line, even if there wasn't a single unifying motif.

These characters are simply cool. So it was a no-brainer to try my hand at one of them.

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