Mazinger 2.0

Mazinger 2.0Mazinger 2.0 - front viewMazinger 2.0 - side viewMazinger 2.0 - back viewMazinger 2.0 - side viewMazinger 2.0 - close-up of headMazinger 2.0 - shipless

Name: Mazinger 2.0
Origin Date: (Japan) 1972; (North America Release) 1979
Completed Date: 08/2008
Base Figure: 4" White Munny

Simply put, Mazinger was created based on this image that popped up one day when I was trolling for Shogun Warrior images. But though I could not resist trying my hand at him, it was not exactly a straight line that brought him to completion.

Mazinger 1.0 featured a lobotomized painted Munny head that employed painted ends of paint brushes to provide those distinctive golden horns. Unfortunately, their positioning meant they were on a 30 degree angle. By chance, we happened to be headed to Michael's around that time, where I discovered small, gold-coloured knitting needles that I was able to manipulate for the effect you see here in Mazinger 2.0. After this, I put Mazinger 1.0 aside and concentrated on his brother for the next few weeks in advance of the Ottawa Munny Show.

One painted body later, it was simply a matter of adding the spaceship, but I wanted to do something extra special with him. First, It w I wanted to make the head more of a crown, so I used a hard plastic bottle insert to pull off this effect. It worked well, but limited the amount of space for the spaceship. Still, using fimo, I baked a little spaceship for Mazinger 2.0, one that rests over the golden horns and leaves space for a painted micro-Munny of the kind sold as zipper attachments. A piece of hard plastic represents the cockpit cover.

In the lead-up to the 2008 Fine Art Gala, I turned my attention back to Mazinger 1.0, finally giving him a body to call his own. I wasn't 100% keen on the look of Mazinger 2.0's head ship so this time I excluded the pilot and baked the entire ship from scratch. I think this ended up a better way to go, although perhaps he really requires to be upsized to the 7" model (with a Dunny pilot) for Mazinger 3.0.

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