Want to surprise a friend or colleague with a particular hero or robot fighter, or have your sights set on that particular soldier of fortune? is happy to announce that it is accepting commissions for munnies!

A basic 4" customized munny starts at US$59.95, with larger 7" munnies starting at US$89.95. Final completion dates, character details and costs will be finalized through email in advance of a project start date. Approximate completion date to be worked out on an individual basis.

Shipping charges not included. A non-refundable 20% fee required in advance of any work. Sorry, no refunds.

Interested? Why not drop me a line at (mind the dots there) for more information.

PAYPAL: is pleased to accept PayPal for your shopping convenience. Or talk to me about other methods of payments.

OTHER STUFF: is currently going through its storage to offer items (old and new toys, parts and customs) for sale. Please check back soon. Extra munny accessories coming soon.

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