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 Call of the Wild display



Name: Waspinator (Predacon Aerial Assault)
Origin Date: 1996
Completed Date: 03/2008
Base Figure: 4" White Munny

Waspinator was part of the eight-figure "Call of the Wild" diorama, awarded first prize at Botcon 2008.

Waspinator was tricky because I wanted to add the bee's behind without completely ridding the figure of his patented munny tail. Forming a new tail to serve as a stinger was the easiest and cleanest root to go. Another difficulty was trying to figure out how to add his insect legs. Unlike Tarantulas and Blackarachnia, my first effort was to use clay to simulate the effect. While functable for Waspinator, this trick was too flimsy for the spiders. Even here, it only works because I only had to worry about two legs on each arm. The wings are simply a piece of flat plastic coated with a glittery white acrylic.

His Predacon allegience are visible on each side of his head.

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