May 2, 2012

I have so much to do… oh… shiny…

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One of the things I like to do when I have projects is make a visual list so that I can have a tangible reminder of what I actually have to do. Otherwise - forget until I’m lying in bed and I remember like a punch in the face.

Without a list, I get distracted, which usually means to a “hurry up and rush” or disappointment. May is rapidly becoming a month of that.

Allow me to elaborate by way of extended unrelated story. Last weekend was Botcon weekend. Which meant much toy excitement. Which meant a renewed pushed to tackle the basement and start freeing the many collectibles therein, laying dormant in boxes oh these many years. It’s a particular concern, the basement, because I’ve longed for the proper space to display the collection and, without movement, I will be stuck looking at box after unopened box that crowds out perfectly good living space.

But while the basement is finished, it isn’t toy ready. There are shelves to go up, but more importantly a design is needed to maximize space, while incorporating future advances in the space. Like a television so there is another reason to hang out in the basement than just the toys. And it needs a freshening up with paint to get away from the pre-existing Senators colours.

So in amongst everything, I’ve been working to get to a point where, six plus months later, shelves can appear and host toys. It’s taken a lot. Working around the toy boxes (because where else can they really be stored) I’ve had to remove decorative wall moulding, crack fill, prime once, let dry, prime again, let dry, paint once and dry and again, and then two coat the ceiling. It’s a lot. But as of Sunday night the last coat of paint went on the main part of the ceiling. So while there is still work to do, particularly at the foot of the stairs, half the basement is ready.

The weekend push has been inspired by the toys themselves, as Botcon left me salivating for past exclusives that have, until now for the most part, come home to live in a box. So case fresh toys are being freed and put out adding to the urgency of the shelving.

Early this morning, the first five shelves were installed. Not without controversy though as I fear I should have put four brackets up instead of three, which may, given the positioning of those brackets either necessitate TWO brackets to correct (one at each far end) or a take down and redo. Neither is a top notch option but neither end of the world either. But toys are found and toys are freed while I decide what course of action.

So, exciting. But coming back to the origin point of this post, you can’t undertake work without making choices. And by choosing the basement I’ve put aside (or forgotten) other projects. Small things like catalog scans for a new Visionaries wiki. And bigger things like an entry for this year’s Munnyworld contest (now open and for which the design I need to do has literally haunted me, begging to be done, since summer 2008). To say nothing of a possible costume for ComicCon in Ottawa next weekend.

In the end it is good ithat, after six consecutive botcon’s, I sat this one out. I’d have never gotten my entry ready and that would really haunt me.

So anyway, I’m back to the joy of lists. I need to refresh mine and post it somewhere where it will serve as constant reminder. Because there is so much to do. With more things coming. Like using the toy unpacking for another attempt at a toy of the day exercise. Which is really how grown men “play” with their toys.

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