The Making of Classics Dirge (the artwork)

A Brief History

To transform him into how he might look hanging from a familiar peg at Toys 'R Us, I fiddle with pictures of the tri-lingual packaged Ramjet to get the appropriate images with which to work. In the end, I went to and made use of their extensive photo reference of the English packaged orginal. Once I had a packaged background, I manipulated a number of pictures of the custom figure to line them up with the existing art, including the flip-mode gimmick, and created the applicable text.

The result: what could have been. At least in 2007. All evidence seems to point to a re-imagined Dirge for the Japanese market from Takara-Tomy.

What is amusing of course is that, because I used a MOC figure as the background (as oppose to a picture of the blank card), the final Dirge artwork still contains the toy image of Ramjet. Kind of a reversal of the standard "what would this new toy look like on this pre-existing control art." Which I just find funny.

Ramjet - Front of PackageDirge - Front of Package

Ramjet - Front of flip cardDirge - front of flip card

Ramjet - inside of flip cardDirge - inside of fliip card

Ramjet - back of packageDirge - back of package


(Special thanks to for their ever-helpful photo references).

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