Archangel - front view

Archangel - front viewArchangel - side viewArchangel - back viewArchangel - side view

Angel and Archangel




Name: Archangel (Warren Worthington III)
Origin Date (as Archangel): 1988 (X-Factor #24)
Completed Date: 08/2008
Base Figure: 4" White Munny body / 4" Blue Munny head

It's funny. Even though you can find images of Angel/Archangel in his red and blue suit with both his metal and feathered wings, I always consider the red suit to be more suited for the feathered wings and the blue suit to be more suited for the metallic wings. But I felt the metal wings had to be expansive for the munny to really work.

In any case, a version of Archangel in his "death" suit is pending.

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