Klaw - front view

Klaw - front viewKlaw - side viewKlaw - back view
Klaw - side view







Name: Klaw (Ulysses Klaw)Origin Date: 1966 (Fantastic Four #53)
Completed Date: 08/2008
Base Figure: 4" Pink Munny

What can you do with a pink munny? It's a question that comes up often because, even though the ratio of pink to blue and white is 1-1-2, pink is inevitably the colour languishing on the shelves between orders. And you can imagine that the pink is not going to work well with yellow.

Just trying to come up with a list of characters that used some level of pink in them led to a (belated) conversation of the master of sound himself. Though he looks like a pink barbarian with a purple loincloth, Klaw is a favourite villain of mine. And even though his ongoing existence owes itself to bittorrent, he nevertheless hates you and all you stand for.

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