Mr. Terrific (Michael Holmes)

Mr. Terrific (Michael Holmes) - front viewMr. Terrific (front view)
Mr. Terrific (Michael Holmes) - side view
Mr. Terrific (Michael Holmes) - back view
Mr. Terrific (Michael Holmes) - side view
up to no good





Name: Mr. Terrific II (Michael Holmes)
Origin Date: 1997 (The Spectre, Vol. #3, #54)
Completed Date: 07/2006
Base Figure: 7" Black Standard Munny

Unlike Terry Sloan, Michael Holmes (a.k.a. Mr. Terrific) went from a throwaway character at the end of John Ostrander's run on The Spectre to chairman of the Justice Society of America. He has not only joined the six inch crowd in plastic as part of DC Direct's line of figures, but he also gets to lead the HeroClix forces into battle.

Though his popularity has elipsed his predecessors, he's still a legacy hero and he wears his name well. It seems appropriate that Michael would become the second munny completed. Much more cartoony than some of his contemporaries, I imagined his expression dreading the trouble that 'lil Terry was planning.

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