Unicorn - front viewUnicorn - front view
Unicorn - side view

Unicorn - back viewUnicorn - side view







Name: Unicorn (Milos Masaryk)
Origin Date: 1964 (Tales of Suspense #56)
Completed Date: 08/2008
Base Figure: 4" White Munny

I am not sure where the inspiration for the Unicorn actually originated.

Oh sure, I loved the character in his late seventies run in Iron Man, upon which this rendition is based, particularly his run-in with Arsenel. But an orange and green traditional super suit, complete with a unicorn emblem? Visual images of the suit in opposite colours? An ending where he commits suicide by "walking into the sea?" (the Marvel Encyclopedia, 2006, p. 312)

No wonder he looks so angry. He knows he's not likely to make the latest Hasbro build-a-figure set anytime soon.

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