Cobra Soldier

Cobra Soldier - front viewCobra Soldier - front view
Cobra Soldier - side view
Cobra Soldier - back view
Cobra Soldier - side view
Cobra Ranking Officers Walk Abbey Road





Name: Cobra Soldier (Cobra Infantry)
Origin Date: 1982
Completed Date: 01/2007
Base Figure: 7" Standard Munny

Based on the first foot soldiers of the Cobra army, the original Cobra Soldier had no codename save "Enemy", which he shared with the Cobra Officer, the Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver, the Cobra Viper Pilot and the Cobra Stinger Driver. I took some liberties to spruce up his arm a bit, based on the 2005 DTC Night Watch Trooper, and give a ranking insignia. Of course, it means he's at the end of the line.

The Cobra Soldier formed part of the G.I.Joe Collection Wave One entry at CustomCon16. I'm sure a Python Patrol version cannot be far behind.


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