H.I.S.S. Driver

H.I.S.S. Driver - front viewH.I.S.S. Driver - front view
H.I.S.S. Driver - side view
H.I.S.S. Driver (back view)
H.I.S.S. Driver - side view)
Cobra Ranking Officers Walk Abbey Road





Name: H.I.S.S. (High Speed Sentry) Driver
Origin Date: 1983
Completed Date: 01/2007
Base Figure: 7" Standard Munny

Maybe it was the bright colourful costume, which really stood out against the black H.I.S.S. he piloted, but I've always had a soft spot for the Driver. I also felt that later Cobra figures like the A.V.A.C.-Firebat Pilot and the Crimson Guardsmen owed something to the H.I.S.S. Driver. Strangely though, he had no codename save "Enemy", which he shared with the Cobra Soldier, the Cobra Officer, the Cobra Viper Pilot and the Cobra Stinger Driver. I took some liberties to spruce up his arm a bit to give him a special H.I.S.S. emblem and a ranking insignia.

In any event, H.I.S.S. Driver received quicker munny-love than some of his contemporaries due to this early affection, and formed part of the G.I.Joe Collection Wave One entry at CustomCon16. It was a lot of fun to work on this version in tandem with Rip-It, which is one of the cooler repaints of the Real American Hero Collection of 2000. And I'm looking forward to adding future versions, including the 2007 JoeCon version and the unreleased 2003 store exclusive version.

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