Megatron (images coming soon)

Call of the Wild display

Name: Megatron (Predacon Commander)
Origin Date: 1996
Completed Date: 09/2006
Base Figure: 7" White Munny

Megatron, originally a stand-alone entry to Botcon 2006, was part of the eight-figure "Call of the Wild"diorama, awarded first prize at Botcon 2008.

Megatron predates most of the Munny Battles and was actually only the sixth Munny that I completed. I'm fortunate that I somehow managed to pull him off given his complexity. First, there is the right hand that had to have the detailed T-Rex head. Where I hit more difficulty (and where I am still not one hundred percent happy) is with respect to the purple scales. For a repeat, I'd likely go with a slightly richer purple and try to better mirror the scales shown on the show.

His Predacon allegience is clearly visible on his forehead.

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