Inferno (pictures coming soon)

Call of the Wild display

Name: Inferno (Predacon Infantry Commander)
Origin Date: 1996
Completed Date: 04/2008
Base Figure: 7" White Munny

Inferno was part of the eight-figure "Call of the Wild" diorama, awarded first prize at Botcon 2008.

Inferno was the very last figure conceived for this set for two key reasons. The first reason had to do with size, which was an issue throughout the project but, like Scorponok, a particularly challenge with respect to Inferno. With only three scales of Munnies to work with (2', 7", and 4") there is not a lot of flexibility in terms of getting proportions right. Given that Megatron was both already done in the 7" scale (the only scale available in 2006) and leader-class, it made sense to make Optimus Primal in scale with him. Once I decided that Waspinator and Blackarachnia would make use of the then-relatively new 4" scale, it was easy enough to imagine Terrorsaur and Tarantulas in that scale as well.

But Scorponok and Inferno took some reflection. The issue couldn't simply be settled by rewatching Season One, since their size was somewhat inconsistent on the television show. In the end, having made Scorponok small and wanting to have at least one other Season One Predacon in scale with Megatron (given that a future Dinobot and Rhinox would also be in this scale), Inferno was upsized to the 7" scale.

This brought us to the second issue and accessories. Specifically, how was I going to get that beautiful tail to work? It had to be light because it couldn't touch the ground like Waspinator's tail. But not having used epoxy resin yet, I didn't think I had a sturdy enough clay to survive the effort (or the expertise to make the tail look right). In the end, like Blackarachnia and Tarantulas' legs, the answer came by chance. I happened to find that a bottle of water was the perfect size, so it was simply a matter of cutting the top of the bottle to reflect the cartoon. And since we try and avoid disposable plastic bottles, I was really restricted in what was in the recycling container with the deadline fast approaching. But, lo and behold, there was a 600 ml of Pepsi which proved to be just perfect because of the stylized grooves on the top, which gave the tail some depth I could not have otherwise added. The inside is actually the blue bottlecap with four round pieces of clay filling in as thrusters.

For Inferno's head, I went with a Tester spray since I was having trouble with getting the right colour. It meant that the features had to be done carefully, since my prefered approach of pencilling detail would leave residual marks on the paint.

At the show, Nala asked after the Inferno, which led to the creation of the 4" scale Inferno, shown here. Although the same paint was used for the head, I actually used red fabric dye for the principal red, which has the advantage that it is chip proof (as there is no paint on those areas to chip). The Munny tail forms one of the thrusters, mostly out of necessity.

His Predacon allegience is not visible.

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