Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloan)

Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloan) - front view Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloan) - front view
Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloan) - side view
Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloan) - back viewMr. Terrific (Terry Sloan) - side view

up to no good




Name: Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloan)
Origin Date: 1942 (Sensation Comics #1)
Completed Date: 07/2006
Base Figure: 7" Standard Munny

Poor Terry Sloan. With a single guest appearance in the Golden Age All-Star Comics and an ongoing backup story in Sensation Comics, DC use his death as a plot device in the late 1970s to bring together the Justice League and the Justice Society. Then they leave the matter of finding justice for his murderer, the Spirit King, unfinished until the first appearance of Michael Holmes in 1997. Is it any wonder that the only plastic rendering of Terry is the Second DC PVC set?

I don't think it is any secret that this website holds a deep affection for Terry's underappreciated persona. It is little wonder then that the first munny crafted would be a classic version of the character. Much more cartoony than some of his contemporaries and always up for a little mischief, I'm sure 'lil Terry will be revitalized as part of the ongoing work with the 4" munnies. In the meantime, I'm sure he's planning all kind of mischief to get into with 'lil Michael.

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