July 21, 2009

Howlback (07-21-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 21, 2009


-Faction: Decepticon
-Era: Diaclone Years (1982-1984)
-Function: Enforcer

-Motto: Dissent will be Supressed”
-Notable Toy: eHobby Exclusive (Takara, 2005)

Notes: Packaged with Garboil, a blue repaint of Laserbeak, Howlback is a blue repaint of Ravage, reminiscent of early Diaclone colours. A female panther this time around, Howlback is unfortunately so close to Ravage in colour that it’s hard to tell them apart. Nevertheless, it’s still good to have a few more clever cats on your team.

July 20, 2009

Sixknight (07-20-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 20, 2009


-Faction: Autobot
-Era: Generation One (1984-1992)
-Function: Ninja Warrior
-Motto: “Power Alone is Not Everything”
-Notable Toy: Six-Changer (Takara, 1988)

Notes: Like Great Shot, Sixknight was a Japanese-only repaint. Unlike Great Shot, however, he does not change alliances with the colour change, but rather appears as a fellow Autobot like his North American brother, Quickswitch. As a personal, both Great Shot and Sixknight recently joined my own collection through separate Botcon 2009 purchases. Ironic then that I don’t yet have the original North American releases. Ha!

July 19, 2009

Triggerhappy (07-19-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 19, 2009


-Faction: Decepticon (Targetmaster)
-Era: Generation One (1984-1992)
-Function: Gunner

-Motto: Have Gun, Have Fun”
-Notable Toy: Deluxe (Hasbro, 1987)

Notes: In Generation One, Hasbro seemed to enjoy releasing trios of toys. For the Decepticon targetmasters, that meant Slugslinger, Misfire and Triggerhappy. Partnered with Blowpipe, Triggerhappy was also my favourite of the group simply because of the sheer number of cannons at his disposal. He looked futuristic and cool and someone you didn’t want to run up against him in a dark alley.

July 18, 2009

Orion Pax (07-18-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 18, 2009


-Faction: Autobot
-Era: Generation One (1984-1992)
-Function: Freight Handler
-Motto: “Freedom for All”
-Notable Toy: eHobby Exclusive (Takara, 2005)

Notes: One of the best episodes of Generation One was “War Dawn”, where the aerialbots learn the secret origin of Optimus Prime. While other timelines have spoken of Optimus as a washed-out cadet or a data collection specialist, here the great leader comes from humble beginnings. And even if it is simply a repaint of the reissued G1 Kup, somehow his single toy appearance just works right. It doesn’t hurt that Dion comes along for the ride.

July 17, 2009

Autojetter (07-17-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 17, 2009


-Faction: Decepticon
-Era: Beast Wars II (1998)
-Function: Aerial Guard

-Motto: War is a Sport and I Play to Win”
-Notable Toy: Korean Release (Takara, 1998)

Like Autolauncher, Autojetter was intended to be rolled out as part of Hasbro’s Generation Two line. But like the second wave of Gobots (of which four of the six molds survived to become in Robots in Disguise), these two figures never even merited a mention in Hasbro’s 1995 toyfair catalogue. What’s peculiar about this fact is repaints of Dirtbag and Roadblock, titled Sgt. Hound and General Optimus, somehow did. Why they didn’t take advantage of these great molds is beyond me.

July 16, 2009

Galaxy Shuttle (07-16-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 16, 2009


-Faction: Autobot
-Era: Generation One (1984-1992)
-Function: Interstellar Transport Warrior
-Motto: “Let’s Wing It”
-Notable Toy: Standard (Takara, 1989)

Notes: Like Godbomber to Powermaster Optimus Prime, Galaxy Shuttle is one of those Takara-issued figures that would have greatly enhanced its companion toy (in this case, Countdown). Because, really, isn’t it more practical to have a sentient robot carrying your crew into deep space as opposed to an empty rocket? Galaxy Shuttle may not have the best of names, but he certainly looks good on Countdown’s platform.

(Apologies and thanks to tfarchives.com for the pic.)

July 15, 2009

Overlord (07-15-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 15, 2009


-Faction: Decepticon (Powermaster / Godmaster)
-Era: Generation One (1984-1992)
-Function: Self Contained Nomadic Assault Machine
-Motto: “I Stand My Ground… I Accept any Challenge… I am Hungry for Conflict”
-Notable Toy: European Powermaster (Hasbro, 1992)

Notes: The only problem with the release of Powermaster Optimus Prime in North America is the absence of a great nemesis. Toywise, Megatron had been shelved right up until Action Masters, and Darkwing and Dreadwind just weren’t the same. Now just consider the possibility if the double powermaster Overlord, with forms of a jet and tank, had been allowed to balance the hero. That’s exactly what I think…

(Apologies and thanks to botchthecrab.com for the image.)

July 14, 2009

Slamdance (07-14-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 14, 2009


-Faction: Autobot
-Era: Generation One (1984-1992)
-Function: Journalist
-Motto: “The True Victor Will Be Correlated from History”
-Notable Toy: Two-Pack (Hasbro, 1988)

Notes: Slamdance is a odd toy. One of the smallest gestalts, his individual forms of Grandslam and Raindance take the shapes of vehicles rather than sentient animals or humanoids. And the best description of his function is as journalist, an odd calling for a race where everyone is immediately branded as part of one faction or another. And though he has little poseability, he’s a fun toy, although it is curious why Hasbro didn’t release any other gestalt tape pairing outside of his nemesis, Squawkbox.

(Apologies and thanks to botchthecrab.com for the image.)

July 13, 2009

Demolisher (07-13-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 13, 2009


-Faction: Decepticon
-Era: Generation One (1984-1992)
-Function: Warrior

-Motto: As You Command”
-Notable Toy: KB-Toys Exclusive (Hasbro, 2004)

Notes: Whatever the era, Megatron needs a toadie. In G1, it seemed as though Shockwave and Soundwave fought over the title. In Robots in Disguise, Sky-Byte wanted to be in his leader’s good graces, while in Beast Wars, Scorponok wanted to be his main man. And who can forget Animated’s Lugnut? In Armada, Demolisher seemed to want to earn the title. Of course, the best rendering of him was in his green, Autobot phase, before he was transformed into a constucticon in Energon.

July 12, 2009

Quickmix (07-12-09)

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Transformer of the Day for July 12, 2009


-Faction: Autobot
-Era: Armada-Energon-Cybertron (2002-2006)
-Function: Builder

-Motto: “For a Society to Stand Tall, You Gotta Build the Foundation Sound”
-Notable Toy: Cybertron (Hasbro, 2006)

Notes: Quickmix has more than a passing resemblance his Generation One Targetmaster namesake. Same transformation, similar headsculpt and colours, and even his minicon, Stripmine, resembles one of G1 Quickmix’s targetmaster partners, Boomer. That said, the notable difference is the placement of the cement mixer, which, for Cybertron Quickmix, serves as his right hand. Still, you cannot go too wrong with a mixer for a hand. Or a club if need be…

(Apologies and thanks to tfu.info for the images.)

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