February 7, 2010

Harts of Man

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On my way out to a local comic show, I was doing some internal juggling of financial accounts. As part of this, I went into my paypal account to see the cost of conversion from U.S. to Canadian funds for two recent pairs of acquisitions: a 1988 line art catalog from Mattel and three Beast Wars scripts used during the recording sessions (Coming of the Fuzors Part 1, Feral Scream Part 1, and Feral Scream Part 2). The seller had six scripts in all (the others being for Aftermath, Bad Spark and Code of Hero), but they fell out of my price range, so I won only the three.

So anyway, I go back into my account today and look at the total cost Canadian for the three scripts and shipping. And then I notice the name of the seller, which is clear in paypal’s shipping information but completely obscured by eBay itself. It is one Jon Hartman. Pretty cool to think that these treasures formerly in his collection are now in mine. It also likely means I’m out of luck with ever getting any other original scripts.

In other news, I missed a week of collectibles. I’m working to catch-up. Keep watching!

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