February 11, 2011

Collectible (02-11-2011): Bludgeon

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

February 11, 2011: 12th in a series
Toy Line: Transformers (Revenge of the Fallen)
Region, Year: North America, 2010
Essential Weblink: http://www.tfu.info/2010/Decepticon/Bludgeon/bludgeon.htm

The Rundown: Moving away from Beast Wars for a change and the first character I put up happens to be from Revenge of the Fallen, one of the worst movies ever, made even worse for destroying happy childhood memories?

I know! But here me out!

Bludgeon is an example of Hasbro taking advantage of the Movie line to really introduce new and old characters in really cool forms, in a way they didn’t avail of themselves after the success of the first movie. Yes, Bludgeon is a Movie-former, as the aesthetic very different from the Generations line that has successed Universe 2.0 and Classics. And yet here is a good example of trying to take a classic, albeit obscure character, and bringing him to life.

Bludgeon is a character that should be forgotten. There was so much working against him. He was part of the sixth and final year where Transformers actually transformed (quickly replaced by non-transforming, show accurate Action Masters). He was on store shelves for less than a year (as opposed to being featured for up to three years like some of his predecessors). There was no cartoon to feature his likeness. He was not a re-imagined classic character like Pretender Grimlock or Starscream, nor was he has large as the previous year’s Pretender offerings.

He was an ordinary little tank with an outer shell that looked like a samarai with a skull for a head.

And he would be forgotten too if Simon Furman hadn’t been turning out good comics in the dying days of Marvel’s original Transformers comic. He took the quirky shell and made Bludgeon de facto leader after the fall of Scorponok and Megatron. He made him ninja-cool with his Metallikato skills. And made him stand out among the crowd. And so he never quite faded away. He was briefly a Universe 1.0 figure in 2004, a repaint of Megatron interestingly enough. Later he was a two pack movie character, a repaint of an off-screen movie character called Wreckage.

And then he got spruced up proper like.

Alas, poor Bludgeon. He is still trapped in his plastic package. Another Transformer I have yet to free from his shackles. But that day will come. Bludgeon is too cool to stay bound for long.


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