November 9, 2009

Back on track v.2

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I know I literally just got done saying that we were back on track, but then work and insufficient daylight hours got in the way of keeping to that pledge. Characters went up with unformatted pictures (like Megatron, Predatron and Crosswise) or missing pictures entirely (like Bumblebee and Rav). And then the posts just stopped for the weekend, leaving Onslaught, Cheetor, Brushguard and Heatwave stranded.

When it rains, it pours.

However, I’m happy to report we are back on track with pictures ready to go for future entries until the end of the month. Now I just have to make sure to write them all. But as a bonus, I had the chance to fix some previous posts. Like replacing the picture of Dirge in February, Tigatron from April, and Grimlock in September.

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